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Diwali Pop-up & Mumbai Streetfood hits Toronto this weekend

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

Butter Chicken Roti launches new Mumbai Streetfood menu &

Diwali Pop-up Experience for October

Toronto’s favourite gourmet roti chain, Butter Chicken Roti, is launching the Diwali pop-up experience and a colourful new ‘Mumbai Streetfood Menu’ to celebrate Diwali, the festival of Lights and Hindu New Year, on Friday.

Mumbai Streetfood menu:

Unique and colourful snacks not normally experienced in the Toronto food scene, including Pani Puri, which is as fun and interactive to eat as it is delicious - because it self-destructs in 10 seconds. (More info below).

Diwali pop-up experience:

Take Instagram-worthy festive Diwali-themed photos with fun and quirky backgrounds and props at the flagship Butter Chicken Roti location at King/Jarvis throughout October, featuring:

- Wall of lights

- Rangoli floor art

- Rustic street cart imported from the streets of Mumbai

- Festive Diwali décor

- Become the Butter Chicken Roti logo!

Diwali is THE festival in India. Everyone from all beliefs enjoy the lights, festivities, the parties, and the food,” says Arun Nath, CEO of Butter Chicken Roti and AJN Group hospitality company. “The tradition is to go out and have streetfood, so we are inviting everyone to come experience Diwali with us.”

The new ‘Mumbai Streetfood’ menu launches across all 10 Butter Chicken Roti locations this Friday. All customers will receive a ​free snack​ ​with any purchase from Friday to Sunday​, and can win free meals by adding Butterchickenroti on Instagram, and wishing 5 friends a Happy Diwali on the Diwali post.

Diwali is one of the most important holidays celebrated by more than 800 million people around the World.



Butter Chicken Roti (“BCR”) is Toronto’s favourite and fastest growing Gourmet Roti franchise, with 10 locations, and 4 new opening this year. BCR offers 33 customizable roti options, and caters to all diets including Protein, Vegetarian and Vegan. BCR is part of the AJN Hospitality Group.

@butterchickenroti #howspicydoyoulikeit


Pani Puri: a hollow, crispy semolina ball stuffed with a mixture of spiced potatoes and chickpeas, dressed with sweet and spicy chutneys (sauces), then topped with a shot of tangy and tart firewater that shocks your system. It must be ‘popped’ into your mouth in 10 seconds or it will melt into a sticky mess.

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