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A Mumbai moment at Butter Chicken Roti

Butter Chicken Roti, considered one of the largest gourmet roti shops, has recently launched its Mumbai street food menu across all 10 Greater Toronto Area locations.

The menu includes a variety of visually inspiring, not to mention delicious foods reminiscent of the vibrant Mumbai street food scene: Pani Puri – round crispy shells stuffed with flavours that just burst with delish, Bhel Puri – a medley of colourful sauces, with texture and crunch, different roti options as well as traditional sweets like gulab jaman and lassi.

The eateries specialize in vegan, vegetarian and meat and offers everything from a variety of roti, samosas, and, of course, its signature butter chicken in flavours that range from mild, medium, hot to “super-hot, insane hot – and nuclear hot!”

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